Implement a class Product. A product has a name and a price, for example new Product("Toaster", 29.95). Supply methods getName, getPrice, and reducePrice. Supply a program ProductPrinter that makes two products, prints the name and price, reduces their prices by $5.00, and then prints the prices again.

Complete the following files:

/** A product with a name and a price. */ public class Product { ... /** Constructs a product with a given name and price. @param n the name @param p the price */ public Product(String n, double p) { ... } /** Gets the product name. @return the name */ public String getName() { ... } /** Gets the product price. @return the price */ public double getPrice() { ... } /** Reduces the product price. @param amount the amount by which to reduce the price */ public void reducePrice(double amount) { ... } }