Write a program that translates a letter grade into a number grade. Letter grades are A B C D F, possibly followed by + or . Their numeric values are 4, 3, 2, 1, and 0. There is no F+ or F−. A + increases the numeric value by 0.3, a decreases it by 0.3. However, an A+ has the value 4.0. All other inputs have value −1.

Enter a letter grade:
Numeric value: 2.7.

Use a class Grade with a method getNumericGrade.

Complete the following files:



Use the following file:


import java.util.Scanner;

   This class prints the numeric value of a letter grade given by the user.
public class GradePrinter
   public static void main(String[] args)
      Scanner in = new Scanner(System.in);      
      System.out.println("Enter a letter grade:");
      String input = in.nextLine();
      Grade g = new Grade(input);
      double grade = g.getNumericGrade();
      System.out.println("Numeric value: " + grade);