Provide toString and equals methods for the Question and ChoiceQuestion classes of How To 10.1.

Complete the following file:

import java.util.Scanner; public class QuestionTester { public static void main(String[] args) { Question[] quiz = new Question[6]; quiz[0] = new Question("Who was the inventor of Java?"); quiz[0].setAnswer("James Gosling"); ChoiceQuestion question = new ChoiceQuestion( "In which country was the inventor of Java born?"); question.addChoice("Australia", false); question.addChoice("Canada", true); question.addChoice("Denmark", false); question.addChoice("United States", false); quiz[1] = question; quiz[2] = new Question("Who was the inventor of C++?"); quiz[2].setAnswer("Bjarne Stroustrup"); /* test equals and toString for Question class */ System.out.println(quiz[0].toString()); System.out.println("Expected: Question[text=Who was the inventor of Java?,answer=James Gosling]"); System.out.println(quiz[0].equals(quiz[2])); System.out.println("Expected: false"); /* test equals and toString for ChoiceQuestion class */ System.out.println(quiz[1].toString()); System.out.println("Expected: ChoiceQuestion[text=In which country was the inventor of Java born?,answer=2][choices=[Australia, Canada, Denmark, United States]]"); System.out.println(quiz[1].equals(quiz[1])); System.out.println("Expected: true"); } }